Voice Tip Two: Body Tension

November 20, 2013

Many key tension areas of the body that I observe frequently in our population are the same areas that relate to the functioning of our vocal apparatus. Tension in these areas can impact resonance, projection and precision.


Do a body scan for some key areas:
-tongue root
-neck and C-spine area and throat muscles
-shoulders; all the muscles that surround our shoulder blades
-hands (clenching)
-the thoracic spine T-8 to T-12
-side ribs
-the base of the spine, lower lumbar and coccyx
-buttocks (gluteus muscles)
-inner thighs
-ankles (yes, ankles!)
-feet, toes

Where are you holding tension?

Stretching, yoga asanas such as forward bends (sitting or standing), gentle side-to-side head rolls, shoulder rolls, rocking back-and-forth or side-to-side on feet, gentle side stretches, gentle self-massage, or simply breathing into the area of tension are all ways of opening up more space for sound in your vocal apparatus.

Always practice with safety and attention to your body’s needs.

You may want to consider practitioner-supported modalities such as massage, osteopathy, craniosacral therapy, Thai massage, or reflexology.

If you are finding areas that habitually hold, these can be worked with in more personalized one-to-one voice work sessions with a voice coach.

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