Community Singing Circles

Upcoming dates:  Saturday June 8, 7pm
Locations: Calgary Centre for Spiritual Living, 4411 Manitoba Rd SE
Cost: $20 Calgary (self-serve cash offering at the door)

A gathering for community song, chant, spontaneous sounding and silence, that begins with a single note and ends with tea and social time. First-timers welcome and encouraged!

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VoiceShops & Courses

Telling Our Stories: An Un-Workshop Afternoon

Upcoming dates: Saturday June 11, 2015 from 11:30am to 3:30pm
Location: Yoga in the Heart, #212, 7 Balsam Ave, Bragg Creek AB T0L 0k0
Cost: $60 upon registration (email transfer or Paypal)

Come, come, however you are.  Whether you are in a period of great weariness or crisis, a time when the mundane of life threatens to overcome you with its tedium,  or in the midst of a great joy. . .you are invited to share in a circle of story. Together, we will build a safe container of listening to share our stories through spoken word, give them voice through song, and lean into the song beyond the story, that primal voice that hovers and dances near the essence of who we are. Along the way, I hope that you will be nurtured, moved, delighted and renewed. No experience with spoken word, singing, chanting or storytelling is necessary.  All that is required is your curiousity, a set of listening ears, and an open heart.

Body Song VoiceShop: Chant to Grow Your Vocal Skills

Upcoming dates: Sunday November 15, 2015 from 10am to 5pm
Location: LMP Studio, 139 – 18 Ave NE Calgary (just off Centre Street & 16 Ave)
Cost: $140 upon registration or 2 installments of $70 each (post-dated cheque)

You might know chant as a wonderful wellness practice or a kickin’ community builder.  But did you know the ancient and magical musical genre of world chant can also grow your vocal skills? Chant and related technical practices can help grow voice qualities such as resonance, pitch accuracy, and expressiveness with minimal effort and lots of joy.

Come explore your singing voice in a supportive group circle environment and discover the wonderful sounds that emerge when we take the focus off “performance” and place it instead on channeling the expressiveness of each individual’s unique sound. By working with the ancient and magical musical genre of chant, you will: grow your vocal skills, practice sharing your voice in a supportive group, release stress, get curious about the wild weird sounds you make and experience your voice as healing medicine. No previous singing experience necessary–there are no wrong notes here! More details about Voiceshops

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The Art & Science of OM (AUM):  Ancient Song for Modern Medicine (Yoga Within the Heart, Bragg Creek)

Upcoming dates: Saturday, February 7, 2015, 1-3pm (COMPLETED)
Cost: $30 before Feb 1, $40 after Feb 1
Registration: amarin@yogawithintheheart OR 403.998.1124

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Imagined by some to be the sound of all creation, the OM has been the focus of yogic practice, modern science, ancient sound healing and new age comedy. What is this simple syllable, really, and what relevance dos it have for a 21st century yoga practice? Come experience how this sound resonates in your own body as we work with it in the context of modern practice, ancient science, and healing medicine.  See my recent blog on AUM for a sample.

The Yoga of Voice with Pamela & Alice Hong (for Yoga Teachers and all Teachers, Coaches, Facilitators, Practitioners) 

NOTE:  COMPLETED.  Stay tuned for the next creation with the wonderful Ms. Alice Hong.

Upcoming dates: Thursday, June 12 from 6:30 to 9:15pm (COMPLETED)
Yoga Salon, #212, 819 – 17 Avenue SW Calgary AB (entrance through back door)
$40 + GST
Please pre-register through Alice Hong, Alice Hong Yoga

Your unique voice is a key to relationship with yourself, and the gateway to relationship with your students and clients.  Your voice can be powerful medicine for self-nourishment.  It can also magnetize students to your classes, facilitate unity and communicate healing intention. In this light-hearted, “there-are-no-weird-sounds” group experience, you will be encouraged to:

-develop vocal resonance and endurance, for teaching and life

-find or refine your unique sound for speaking and chanting

-release physical and emotional impediment to letting your essence shine through your voice

-explore practices like toning, word play, singing sounds improvisation, and chanting

-weave new elements into your asana practice through the medicine of sound

-discover why resonant listening is the key to all of the above

No previous vocal experience is required! More details about Voiceshops

Pamela always creates a safe and loving space to allow one’s “inner” voice to emerge. Whether it’s singing, speaking, sounding, or silence….all is welcome in her community of shared voices. —Vickie MacArthur, Spirit in Motion Yoga

Performances and Other Community Sound Events

Unplugged Living Room

Upcoming dates: TBA
Location: TBA
Cost: By donation to cover venue costs
Kindly reminder: You MUST pre-register, as space is limited

An ever-evolving line-up of local artists shares their songs, spoken word, improvisation and other performance art forms in a supportive circle of deep listeners (you!). The fundamental guidelines for the artist’s offerings are that they either: a) involve the audience in participation, b) the artist is debuting a new piece or a work in progress, OR c) the artist is experimenting with a new genre—if you’re a folk singer, maybe you’re belting out some opera? (or not?)

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World Sound Healing Day Calgary

Upcoming date: 2016 TBA
Location: Self Connection Books, #125, 4611 – Bowness Road NW
Cost: There is no charge for this event.
Kindly reminder: If you arrive after 9:30am or leave early, please do so in silence

The intention is to join our hearts and voices for planetary healing.  The sound ceremony will be very simple, consisting of vocal toning for the entire morning to a backdrop of instrumental drone music which Pamela will provide.  We will likely complete with a few simple chants. You are free to arrive/leave as you need to (silently, please), to tone or harmonize with the group, and to take breaks from toning as you need to.  There will be enough voices to keep the toning going. Once we begin at 9:30am there will be no talking.

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Big Beat Studio Party

Upcoming dates: TBA
Location: One World Drum Company
Cost: $30

Join Gary Diggins, Roger Duncan, and the OWD House Band in an intimate gathering of kindred spirits to dance, drum & dream. Music with a world flare, supported by special musical guests. (including Pamela and a few other local musicians you may recognize).

For tix & info:

Sounds of the Soul

Upcoming dates: TBA
Location: TBA
Cost: $20 advance, $25 at the door
Featuring local artists: Tracy Gawley, Pamela Alexander, Lisa Weleschuk, Fiona McGinn, Utpal Mazumdar, Prashant John, Ravidass

Please join us for a festival of songs and chants from various world traditions. This musical tapestry will weave vocal harmonies with the sounds of guitar, tabla, world percussion, harmonium and bansuri flute. The songs are especially healing and inspiring for the whole community when many voices participate, so come ready to journey into sound with us and sing along. . .and those who prefer to simply listen are welcome, too!

For more info & registration:

Thank you so much for a wonderfully creative & relaxing evening! I slept very well last night. You are a warm, generous & inspiring facilitator. You have a beautiful way of inviting participants into playing with the materials & space… I am even more curious now to explore the voice as another creative option of expression. —D. D., Sound Work Circle Participant