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Start with Voice Tips and other informational articles on my Blog, move on to Sweet Resources online (for Voice, Body & Movement, Poetry, Chant, Musical Instruments, local Sound Facilitators, Shame & Wrong Notes), and finish off with some useful Articles, Books, CD’s and Apps.


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Sweet Resources

Voice & Sound

  • The Naked Voice — sound wisdom and trainings with Chloë Goodchild
  • Gary Diggins — more info on Sonica: improvised intentional group sound
  • Voice Intensive — six week voice training for actors or anyone who speaks
  • The NVFA — World wide Naked Voice Facilitators Organization

Body & Movement Practice

Poetry Medicine

Chant Music & Practices

Musical Instruments

  • Kalakendar — harmoniums, shruti boxes & exotic musical instruments
  • Sound Travels — cool instruments by mail order & lots of articles
  • One World Drum — Calgary-based source for djembe, drums, percussion
  • Deruby — Native American flutes
  • Kalimba Magic — resonant African kalimbas, info, instruction

Calgary Sound Events and Facilitators

  • One World Drum — drum circles, tribal dance, drumming classes
  • Circles of Rhythm — rhythm circles, workshops and more with Judy Atkinson
  • Sound Wellness — workshops with Sharon Carne, crystal bowls and great research-based sound articles
  • Patty Shortreed — voice coach extraordinaire with a holistic perspective
  • Loving the Land — events and workshops dedicated to deepening human connections in our World
  • Tracy’s Vision — more Calgary chant events

On Shame, Vulnerability, Wrong Notes & Living Wholeheartedly

“Solo-Preneur” Business Support—love these folks!

  • Marketing for Hippies — marketing guru Tad Hargrave—fun and informative; great blog archives
  • Pink Elephant Creative — “love is in the details”—and they mean it! Web design, copy writing and all things to make your business look and sound great
  • Bright Lights Consulting — social media and other online marketing support—Lisa got me set up on Facebook and the process was so easy

Articles, Books, CD’s, Apps

  • Kiri Te Kenawa — teaching a young opera singer about breath and smiling
  • The Listening Program — research and programs on listening, language, communication, creativity and social behavior
  • Sound Travels deserves a second mention as a great archive of sound articles by international sound practitioners
  • This is Your Brain on Music by Daniel J. Levitin—music and the human brain: composition, performance, why we enjoy it, how we listen to it
  • The World in Six Songs by Daniel J. Levitin—neuroscience meets evolutionary biology to explain why music is such a powerful force in our evolution
  • Healing at the Speed of Sound by Don Campbell–Use the music you love to become more efficient, relaxed, healthy, and happy
  • Music Medicine by Christine Stevens- An acclaimed music therapist presents practices for harnessing the healing power of music
  • Freeing the Natural Voice by Kristin Linklater—comprehensive voice practices for actors, the life’s work of an acclaimed voice coach
  • The Actor Speaks: Voice and the Performer by Patsy Rodenburg—a complete voice workshop in a book
  • Second Circle by Patsy Rodenburg—communicate more intimately and effectively with yourself and others by listening in “second circle”
  • Awakening Through Sound with Chloë Goodchild—5 CDs and a DVD gently guide you through vocal practice and movement—chant, mantra, Seven Sounds of Love, musical modes to help you fearlessly engage your voice
  • Eternal A by Chloë Goodchild—background drone for your vocal or mindfulness practice
  • itabla app for iphone—create your own Indian-style sound; create a drone that is in exactly the key you’re in today, and sing along