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Compassionate Community Voice offers a comprehensive service of voice and sound work for individuals and groups. I know how important it is to determine that an experience is the right fit for you and to feel good about committing to it, so please take a look at the descriptions below and feel free to ask me a question about any of these services.

Community Singing Circles

A gathering for community song, chant, spontaneous sounding and silence, that begins with a single note and ends with tea and social time.

The songs and chants are simple pieces with encouraging messages that come from various world traditions. No musical or voice experience needed: beginners are welcome and encouraged!

What to Expect

  • A supportive environment in which to make a joyful noise—whether you love singing and need someplace to do it, or not sure you can and want someplace to try
  • Dissolve tension and feel calmer, yet energized
  • Nourish your body and mind, with the medicine of your own voice
  • Evolve your listening skills
  • Connect with like-minded, like-hearted folks in community

Planning a special event, ceremony or celebration in Alberta?

Invite Pamela to facilitate a Singing Circle for your community

I find Pamela’s singing circles to be an invitation to my soul to come out, play and bask in it’s own true essential nature. . .I also think Pamela’s circles are unique in that special attention is given to dissolving any performance anxiety. After inviting everyone to play with harmonies while singing she often says; “There are no wrong notes.” The ambiance is always safety, love and acceptance. —Trevor, Calgary, AB

You are such a sweet, loving presence, and it lent to an openness that I enjoyed thoroughly. The chants were inviting and easy once you got the hang of it, and opening up to do something different vocally was very liberating for me. —Sandy D’Acey, Vocalist and Voice Teacher

The Essential Voice Package

What would it be like to share your unique voice wholeheartedly with the world?

You’re a singer or someone who wants to sing. Or you’re someone whose job requires you to speak a lot, even though you’re mostly an introvert. You’d prefer a private environment in which to develop your vocal gifts but you’re a little scared off by traditional voice lessons. You might be looking for a creative practice to help you through a healing journey or trauma. You’re an actor, performer, teacher, parent, partner, manager, counselor, mediator, coach, facilitator, healing arts practitioner or solo entrepreneur. . .you are someone who uses your voice as the gateway to relationship, every day: your voice could benefit from support, strengthening and a fresh approach.

The Essential Voice is a ten-session personal voice coaching package created with a flexible schedule and customized practices to meet your unique needs.

What to expect

  • Empathic vocal guidance in a safe environment of light-hearted compassion
  • Improved range, resonance, resilience & precision
  • Lean into your creative edges & uncover your unique sound(s)
  • Reduce the effects of performance anxiety
  • More effective communication in relationships
  • A greater sense of well being: ease, energy
  • The joy of sounding and being more of your self: whether that’s an inner blues mama, righteous rapper, soulful sounder, poet, diva or wild child . . .

One-to-One Voice Work (per-session basis)

We work together in the same way as the Essential Voice Package (above), but on a per-session basis. See details here.

This option might be a good fit for you if:

  • you need one-time trouble-shooting vocal support for a specific situation
  • you are curious about this work for personal growth and want to give it a try, but not interested in a long-term personal voice practice
  • booking on a per-session basis fits your schedule and lifestyle (To experience maximum benefits, I do suggest booking at least 3 sessions together)

[Pamela is] present to what is occurring in the moment, gentle, considerate and accepting of people, compassionate for sure, positive and sees the best in others. . .non-intrusive, sees with a community perspective in mind, inclusive, guides the processes she facilitates with gentleness, brings people along who may be nervous about trying something new. —Patty Shortreed, Voice Coach & Music Teacher, Calgary

Body Song VoiceShop Series

Can you imagine singing out to an entire group of people, and they would smile back, cheer, applaud, and otherwise thank you for sharing your precious gift with them? Yeah!

You love to sing, but not sure you can, or you love to sing and need a supportive group to sing with you. You’re searching for a mindfulness practice you’ll actually practice, or some fresh communication skills, or some support for your over-used voice. Explore your singing and speaking voice in a group circle environment and discover the wonderful sounds that emerge when we take the focus off “performance” and place it instead on noticing and developing the expressiveness of each individual’s unique voice.
No previous singing experience necessary.

What to expect

  • grow your vocal skills—resonance, resilience, precision
  • playful vocal practice, singing sounds improvisation, word play, toning, chanting and a wee bit of “non-technical technique”
  • release the effects of stress and experience your voice as healing medicine
  • practice sharing your solo voice with a supportive group
  • develop fresh listening habits to support positive relationships
  • get curious about the information in the weirder, wilder sounds your voice can make (yes, especially the ones that sound off-key)

Sound Wellness Sessions (ON HIATUS)

Sometimes you just want to relax and receive. Sound Wellness sessions are 45-60 minute sessions of intentional, improvised sound created just for you.

After a brief discussion to determine what type of sound journey would be most appropriate for you today, you lie back on a mat, rest and let the journey take you where it will. Instruments used might include voice, harmonium, chimes, shruti box, keyboard, drums, rattles and other percussion.

What to expect

  • you may feel relaxed or energized at the end of a session, depending on the nature of your sound journey
  • many people feel nourished and rejuvenated by a sound wellness session, almost like a “sonic massage” to transform the effects of stress
  • some people experience shifts or release in the body or emotional state
  • you may experience rich, dream-like imagery that can catalyze material for journaling, visual art, vocalizing and other forms of self-expression

Take a sound journey

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Pamela is a singer/songwriter who shares solo music, spoken word, and improvised sound. She also produces community musical events. Her specialties include: solo performance of her own material, collaboration with other world musicians, and community participation-style performance that invites the audience to sing along.

Learn more

See details for current community sound events & performances or contact Pamela to book music for your event, fundraiser or house concert.

When it comes to music, the experience is the best description. Here’s how people describe my performances. Or you can listen to my music here.

Pamela lets the energy of the evening lead the performance to where it needs to go. [Pamela] has a beautiful, captivating voice plus wonderful talent using the Harmonium or Shruti to support chanting. —Pete Oxland, Senior Consultant, Information Technology, Calgary

[Pamela] shares her expressive heart freely so we can experience our own souls being touched with sound. She inspires me in my work as a yoga therapist to remain authentic & passionate to my own voice while supporting each of my students to listen to their own authentic voice. Pamela is just the prescription the world needs to remain hopeful & vibrant in these times of stress & strife. —Anne Cox, Registered Yoga Therapist