Essential Voice Package

What would it be like to share your unique voice wholeheartedly with the world?

You’d love to sing in public and feel really good about it, speak up at your job or in relationships and be heard (even though you’re an introvert), or discover new territory in your vocal or acting performance. You’ve got something to say, a song to sing, a story to tell. It would feel amazing to breathe deeply, be easy in your own skin and courageously unleash all your gifts on the world.

I’m imagining that you’re a singer or someone who wants to sing. Perhaps you’d like to develop your vocal gifts but you’re a little scared off by traditional voice lessons. Or you might be an actor, performer, teacher, parent, partner, manager, counselor, mediator, coach, facilitator, healing arts practitioner or solo entrepreneur. . .you are someone who uses your voice as the gateway to relationship, every day, either one-to-one or in larger groups. Your vocal wish list might include: more power, more resonance, more range, less fatigue and hoarseness, less anxiety, freely flowing words and expressive songs. Maybe you’re a wise person seeking a creative practice to help you through a trauma or healing journey.

If you’re a personal growth geek like me, I’m thinking you may have read a bunch of books or taken a “find your voice” course (or several), journaling like crazy the whole time. You might have thought about singing in a choir, or gone for traditional voice lessons to improve your technique. Maybe you’ve tried breathing exercises or “projecting” your voice to make people listen. If you’re a performer, you’ve probably tried all kinds of “woo-hoo” stuff to calm your nerves. Or maybe you’ve just been living with the performance anxiety and fatigue, thinking there’s nothing you can do about it.

I know how frustrating it can be to want to love your voice, to wish to be seen and heard for what you have to offer in the world, to sound the way you know is possible—and yet your experience always seems to fall short of the ideal.

As a child, I had a Voice, it came pretty naturally, and it gave me great joy. Community singing, reading out loud and writing stories, learning poems by heart, clarinet, piano lessons—all were part of my daily life. In fact, I didn’t really even notice my voice gave me joy because it was just part of who I was. But somewhere along the way, as I moved into adolescence, shame (i.e. “I’m not good enough”) started to outbid the joy, and I gradually stopped engaging in those activities that nourished me and gave me a place to share my voice.

A pretty common story, I’m afraid, but no less painful for me because it was my experience. As a result, although my voice remained an important tool in my professional life as a college teacher, workshop facilitator and holistic health practitioner, the other aspects of my voice—the musicality, the joy, the healing gifts it had to offer—got parked in a dusty corner. I saw them there, but I didn’t invite them out to play very often.

All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once [she] grows up.     Pablo Picasso

A number of years ago, I heeded my heart’s call to explore my singing voice again. I made some interesting discoveries that took the focus off performance and the unsupported, off-key, “wrong” notes, and placed the focus on my vocal versatility and creating an embodied, resonant sound. I started getting curious about my voice and what it had to offer to myself and to the world, and I began—yes—to fall in love with it again.

That’s why I offer the Essential Voice Package.

It’s a 10-session voice work experience designed to help you shift from wishing you loved your voice towards actually loving it (or at least falling “in like”). It is meant to help you move from performance anxiety, shyness, “not good enough”, voice fatigue and feeling limited in your sound to: resonance, resilience, trust in your unique voice and comfort sharing it from a relaxed and grounded place in your body.

Pamela helped me become comfortable with my “oddly deep” woman’s voice. We did exercises that involved making A LOT of loud voice noise on my part, and Pamela helped me to feel confident in the Power of my voice. . . Pamela also did exercises with me that help me to remember words and tunes to songs. . . My experience with Pamela was very balanced. I felt comfortable, even though I am not a musical person. —Barbara Ann, Buffalo Drum Facilitations

The 10-Session Essential Voice package includes:

  • 10, one-hour voice mentoring/coaching sessions scheduled at your convenience over a 6-month period (2x per month highly recommended).
  • Customized practices to: uncover resonance, build your strengths, gain precision, and lean into your creative vocal edges—that can bring benefits in as little as 15 minutes per day
  • Listening practice to shift your internal relationship with your voice and your communication in external relationships
  • Speaking voice: tools to nourish voice, reduce fatigue, speak from inner calm and help your words ring true
  • Singing voice: we work using simple songs & chants for a personal voice practice with no pressure to “perform” OR we apply what we learn to a favorite song from your repertoire
  • Acting voice: creative exercises & body-releasing techniques to help you relax into auditions and—once you get the part—mine new possibilities in the character you’re playing

Beginning with the premise that there are no wrong notes or sounds, I offer a safe environment of exploration~discovery~integration. As your designated “deep listener”: I breathe with you, support you gently with my own sound and help you hear beneath the surface of your voice story. Together we create a space beyond judgment and shame that encourages your voice to come out and play, and we ask curious questions about its quirkier qualities. The goal is nurturing your strengths and sustaining your voice for all the things it does—whether that’s talk to your kids or sing for a crowd—rather than trying to make you sound like the current favorite pop star. Gentle technique emerges organically from your own body and meets you where you are, right now.

My experience is that [Pamela] listens as much with her heart as she does with her ears and mind. She is an intelligent and compassionate person and when i speak with her, i feel that she’s focused on my words on multiple levels…Her kindness, gentleness and compassion create a special space in which I always feel accepted, acknowledged and loved. —Sandra G., Edmonton

There is an African proverb: if you can talk, you can sing (or give a compelling speech, or nail a monologue, or get your kids to listen). AND, I realize that sharing your voice with even one other person (me!) can take energy and courage, so I’ve tried to make this as easy as possible.

The ten-session package is scheduled flexibly over a 6-month period. That way, I hope you’ll have ample time for between-session home practices—which, by the by, can be done in as little as 15 minutes per day. Skype sessions are available for long distance, and you’ll also get between-session support and encouragement via email, as needed. 10 sessions is enough time to determine how this process is for you, so you can choose to renew after the ten, or not.

This will be a great fit for you if:

  • You are intrigued by: innovative practices, “there are no wrong notes” philosophy, curiosity rather than judgment, voice work as personal development
  • You thrive in a co-creative learning environment with a guide/mentor/witness
  • You are able to make the commitment to yourself to devote at least 15 minutes per day, 5 days per week to your voice

You may prefer to start with another service if:

  • You are seeking more traditional performance-based instruction or classical curriculum. I can recommend voice teachers who offer that or check out Sound Info page for resources.
  • You’re too shy to experiment with your voice in a one-to-one setting or don’t have time for personal practice; I recommend you begin by singing with a group in the Community Singing Circles.
  • You’re not able to commit to 10 sessions over a six-month period right now; see “per-session” One-to-One Voice Work in my services list.

Pamela is exquisite in her manner and embodies a respectful and gracious style. . . offering her exceptional listening and intuitive skills when working with her colleagues and participants. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking to deepen their relationship to the gifts of voice. —Julia Lynx, Owner of Loving the Land, Events and Workshop Planner, Videographer

The Essential Voice Package is $1100, prepaid*

Booked individually, these sessions cost $138 per session—you save $280. Plus, I’ve added some Bonus Materials to the package to support your learning journey. 

*Note: all sessions must be booked and used by the purchaser within a 6-month period (I am not able to transfer your package to another person, thanks for your understanding)

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As a new yoga teacher, I was confident with my yoga knowledge. However, leading Oms at the beginning and end of practice were challenging. My voice would crackle and disappear in the middle of the om. Voice work was not included in my yoga classes and I was at a loss for help. Luckily, I found Pamela. In one afternoon, Pamela taught me three practices. After that afternoon, my oms have been strong and steady. . .
I enjoy the exercises immensely and have no trouble incorporating them into my daily practice. —Krista Francis-Poscente, Yoga Teacher, Calgary