Body Song VoiceShop Series

Can you imagine singing out to an entire group of people, and they would smile back, cheer, applaud, and otherwise thank you for sharing your precious gift with them—every note of it, even the creaky ones. Yeah!

Picture a supportive circle of listeners, in which you are invited to share your voice and uncover the medicine in your own sound. It’s a space where you’ll develop some skills so that you can feel confident in the power and expressiveness of your voice. You’ll be buoyed up by the encouragement of a community of like-hearted folks who remind you that there are no wrong notes, and that you have an obligation to be yourself: in all your joy, sorrow, uniqueness, vulnerability, brilliance, shadow and wildness. That kind of affirmation might even give you the momentum to speak up and sing out in other situations in your life where you’ve been holding back.

Intrigued? And also maybe thinking, “yikes, gulp!”

If you’re shy, or scared, or ashamed of your voice; or if someone in your life once told you that you can’t sing, you may be thinking there’s NO WAY you’ll feel completely at ease exploring your voice with a whole gang of people. And although it would be great if singing could also help you release stress, transform emotions and feel more energized, it’s probably hard to believe that being that vulnerable could be very beneficial at all.

You might already have tried learn-to-sing CD’s, technical voice classes, learn-to-speech groups, interpersonal communication courses, or singing in the community choir. Or, if your goal is personal growth or healing, perhaps you’ve tried to figure out which chakra is blocked, gone for body work or energy work, practiced yoga, or tried really hard to meditate but found that sitting still in silence was an exercise in futility.

I get it—all of it. In my past attempts at meditation, I always felt like I “should” love to sit still and meditate in the way of the yogi, and if I didn’t bliss out (or figure it out), I was somehow a failure. It wasn’t until I discovered the practice of chanting—singing simple positive message songs with a group—that I began to understand that specific voice practices could effortlessly calm my monkey-mind and I could just BE. I had more energy, and could even sometimes shift my physical state from pain or discomfort to relaxed muscles and relative ease.

And the whole “learn to sing in a group” thing: I know that can be a vulnerable experience. As a child who played “rock band” with my friends and sang in choirs, I intuitively understood the power of the human voice to connect us with other human beings. But as I got older and started to have more judgments about my voice, I also became sensitive to the judgments of community. Without even realizing it was happening, I disconnected: I stopped sharing my voice in public.

It wasn’t until years later, when I began my voice facilitator training with The Naked Voice (UK), that I trusted a group enough to share my voice consistently. There, I experienced how some “non-technical” voice tools and the crucible of a group process could help me access layers of my voice I’d never encountered before: through my voice I could transform all my emotional energy into fuel for my life, access my innate creativity and problem-solving ability, and change the outcome in challenging interpersonal situations. And as I developed new vocal skills that focused on my strengths and were not about “performing”, ironically enough I began to whole-heartedly share my voice in community, and receive feedback that hearing my voice is healing for other people, as well.

That’s why I created the Body Song VoiceShop series. The “container” created by a group learning process is designed to help you have an empowered experience of sharing your gifts in community. I set it up as a group workshop to help you transform the judgments you may have absorbed about yourself and your voice, and trust your innate creativity and musicality. I want you to experience the healing joy of your own unique sound, and become confident in the awareness that when you speak or sing from a place of truth in your body, your gifts are heard, valued and needed in community.

I have had the opportunity to co-host a number of workshops and events with Pamela. Her gentle manner coupled with her passion for raising the voice in song allow her to help those of us who see difficulty and impediment to look beyond the horizon of our own limitations. She is a gift to the circle wherever it may gather. —Roger Duncan, One World Drum Company

The group workshop series includes:

  • Skill development in: resilience, precision and creative expressiveness of your speaking/singing voice
  • Vocal “play” time: singing sounds improvisation, word play, and a wee bit of “non-technical technique”
  • Delicious group chanting/singing of simple songs from various world traditions, that will open your voice and effortlessly release the effects of stress
  • Resonant listening practices: learn to listen with your whole body, a skill that can radically change human communication and relationships, for the better
  • Gentle movement to open key breathing areas and embody your sound
  • How to transform even cranky, dark uncomfortable emotions into passionate fuel for your life
  • Build confidence sharing your solo voice with a (very supportive) group and receiving feedback

Pamela’s approach to voice work is wonderfully different! Holding a belief that there are NO wrong notes [she] encourages every individual from where they are at with their voice and she coaxes the inner voice of each soul into the community circle. . . Pamela’s circles are opportunities for self-expression, personal growth, and social engagement.

Pamela brings a plethora of music training, facilitation skill, and personal life experience to the sound work service she provides. [She] advocates that through our voices we find more about who we are and what we have to offer the world. Pamela provides the tools and support to bring your voice to the community circle and to life! —Teresa Rose, Coach/Facilitator, Calgary, AB

Beyond ideas of right- and wrong-doing. . .

We begin, as always, from the understanding that there are no “wrong notes.” We notice and nourish the innate gifts offered by each circle member. The wisdom of the group accelerates learning and creates a safe space for everyone to be heard. It is not performance-based, at all. Although vocal technique does arise organically as part of the learning, we approach it as an exploration. We focus on the living moving body as a container for sound, the heart as the instrument of listening, and the breath as the origin of all sound and silence.

The group environment makes learning easy and fun. We become each other’s designated “deep listener”; we laugh a lot along the way, and sometimes cry. The laughter and playfulness helps us move beyond self-judgments and shame, and the tears wash away old concepts and habits and open space for new possibilities to emerge. Wherever you’re starting from, you’re encouraged—no previous experience necessary. We also do our best to create flexible learning opportunities that give you time for practice and integration without pressuring your schedule.

The Body Song VoiceShop Series is a great fit for you if:

  • You’d love to sing in a group and are searching for your singing “peeps”; OR you’re too shy to sing in public, and you courageously know that a group experience is the best way to change that
  • You desire to develop your voice as a personal practice for well being, connection, creative outlet; or to support another creative medium like acting, writing, or painting
  • You can commit to being with the group for the full day (for 1-day workshops) or 6 sessions over a 3-month period (for longer series)

It might not be the best fit if:

  • You desire to develop as a professional performer—check out the 10 Session Essential Voice Package, instead
  • You’re too uncomfortable to share your solo voice with a group. You might try the Community Singing Circles instead, for an opportunity to inconspicuously sing with a group!
  • You cannot commit to attending the full day (1-day workshop), or at least 5 out of 6 sessions (6-week series only). Practices taught are cumulative.

The Body Song VoiceShop is $199 for a 1-day workshop

Approximately 6.5 hours of content, includes materials

Next Body Song date: TBA

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Pamela has an incredible talent for engaging the students (ages 15 – 18) and modifying her workshops to suit the needs, interests and levels of the participants. . . She uses a variety of methods to extend her message such as the use of instruments as well as making the content relevant to teenagers with stories and examples they can resonate with. —Wendy Doerksen, Department Head of Fine Arts, Holy Trinity Academy, Okotoks