Your unique sound: there are no wrong notes

Your voice is unique, dynamic and innately creative. It is the gateway to so many possibilities. Your voice can sing, laugh, soothe a child or inspire a million people to social change. Amazing. And yet, so many of us carry stories of wounding, shame or shyness around our voices…

Imagine if you loved the sound of your unique, perfectly imperfect voice and shared it courageously with the world. What dreams would be possible if your singing, speaking, listening was focused on self-expression and feeling connected, rather than self-judgment or anxiety about others’ opinions?

Calling all singers, would-love-to-be-singers, performers, helpers, healers, public speakers…

You love to sing but think you can’t.  Or you think you can, but you wish there was someone else to sing with and give you feedback, besides the dog (though he makes a great audience).  Perhaps it’s your speaking voice that you use the most, at work or at home, and you struggle a little ‘cause you’re a natural introvert.  Maybe you’re a performer needing some creative input. It could be that you’re on a healing journey and now more than ever need practices to notice and express challenging emotions. Or, you’re simply searching for creative outlets, new ways to connect and be joyful.

You’ve done some self-exploration, you’re committed, and you just know that now is a good time to free your voice, polish it up, and share it wholeheartedly.  It would be so much easier—and way more fun—if you had a customized tool kit, some empathic guidance and a safe environment to try things out.

We might work well together if you’re keen to…

Uncover Your Voice: You love to sing and need somewhere to do it, or you’re scared to sing anywhere outside the shower (even though you might secretly harbor a dream to win American Idol). You just need a gentle nudge to move your true voice out of the shower and into the world.  Oh yes, and a welcoming community that encourages you to share your voice would be a bonus if someone could tell you where to find that, too. (Find it, here.)

Empower Your Voice: As a teacher, parent, partner, manager, counselor, mediator, coach, facilitator, health practitioner, solo-preneur or anyone who uses your voice (and listening) as the gateway to relationship, every day, it makes sense that developing the resonance and endurance of your voice (and the range of your listening skills) would help you to do what you love so you feel more energized, and less exhausted, after a day of being with people.

Hone Your Tools: As an actor, vocalist, speaker, performer, writer or artist, you’d like to move beyond performance anxiety so that your gifts can shine through without impediment. Or you might be in a creative process that requires you to take risks and lean into the edges of your self-expression.

Be Well: You‘d love to feel more balanced, less “busy”, and are intrigued by the idea that voicing your emotions and experiences—no matter how stressful, grumpy, shameful, or “negative” seeming—can transform them into fuel for your life. Your intuition says that your own unique voice is a powerful medicine that can nourish you deeply. (Listen to your intuition, it’s smart!)

Be Yourself: Your inner. . .blues mama, righteous rapper, soulful sounder, poet, wild child . . . (fill in the blanks!) is dying to come out and is asking for a safe space of complete acceptance in which to explore that self with courage. You don’t necessarily want to sound like an opera singer or James Earl Jones: you’re committed to sounding like—and being—yourself, in all your awesomeness.

Feel Connected: You delight in like-minded creative people and the experience of belonging and connection that comes from sharing song in community.

I’m here to support you

I’m Pamela Alexander, founder of Compassionate Community VOICE—your personal voice guide, group “voiceshop” facilitator, and designated listener. I started CCVOICE because at some point in my life I moved from being not just comfortable, but in awe of the resonance, expressiveness, vulnerability & quirkiness of my own voice. Around the same time, I discovered how deeply I enjoy listening for those same qualities in others. Since I dream of a world in which every voice is heard and valued, I figured the best place to begin is helping folks to experience the deep wonder of their own voices, by offering a safe environment and sharing simple, surprising practices that build resonance and expressiveness, courage and delight.

Your facilitation style is a lovely combination of lighthearted presence, musical skill and deep openness. I am nervous about voice work and feel very vulnerable in that setting, and your ease and warmth really helped me to feel safe and welcome. —Kristin

How I can help

I have a feeling we’ll get along fabulously if…

  • you desire to courageously share your authentic voice—even when it seems scary or crazy
  • you are intrigued (or challenged) by the idea that there are no “wrong notes”
  • you sense that deep listening can heal wounds, radically change relationships and resolve conflict in surprising ways
  • you’re curious, innovative, playful, and occasionally silly
  • your favorite Friday night activity is wildly-abandoned singing with a gang of pals

To experience Pamela’s facilitation is to experience permission and encouragement. She provides an opportunity for everyone in the circle to be heard in their authentic voice. You will hear that there is “nothing to do, nothing to fix, nothing to change!” You will hear “there are NO wrong notes.”… With constant encouragement and tools to enhance listening to one another, a unique and wonderful community voice is derived each and every time. —Teresa Rose, Coach/Facilitator